Visit of “Love Fashion café Vienna” – love it or love it not.

You know Of course you do, if you are a fashion person and going to read this article.

Part 1: First exploration and drink test

I was back to Vienna in early spring and on my agenda was exploring the in December 2013 newly opened Fashion Café right around the corner of the beautiful Vienna opera and the Sacher Hotel & Café. Fashion café is embedded into Hotel Bristol corner at “Ringstrassen Shopping Arcadia” directly when you walk the “Kärnter Strasse” to its end. I was nosy about this location, which was communicated as extraordinary place and the fashion people new place to be in Vienna at opening show on television. Sugar for the skinny models, fashion people or wanna-be ones; last named obviously are around everywhere. Now there is a special spot for the fashion Who-is-Who and “f-people” in Vienna.

I combined my visit with a walk on Kärnter Strasse spotting fashion, shoes and luxury labels at department stores. Finally when I arrived I found a quite small but stylish equipped location with diamond shaped furniture fully branded in style. Every piece is branded. Chairs, tables, glasses – even the waitresses. television is running on big projection surfaces inside. There is a smoker and non-smoker area, you can even sit outside and recover from exhausting shopping or come to the special parties in the evening. For the evening reservation and being there exactly in time is highly recommended. For the day you will find some space easily.

At first I wanted to test the special branded drinks and have a look what the cocktail menu offers and was happy about what I found. The drinks menu is very good – from famous international cocktails to the special drinks mixed from liquor or non-alcoholic ones. The service is very friendly – maybe sometimes bit slow and inattentive but we are not on a rush. offers a wide range of own products as well from non-alcoholic drinks to Vodka or Champagne. I was especially interested in the F18, F88 and F23 drinks. Therefore, I was testing these three of six existing variations. All are made with “Austrian Water” which is one of the best in the world – that’s what the advertisements tell. But if you every tasted the water in Vienna – it’s really good, just straight out of the water tap. I can confirm that.


The cans have a luxury look. Probably not everyone’s taste but I think the design is well done and unique. F18 is an energy drink with acai berry. Very refreshing and tasted really good. Not too sweet what I like. It’s served with the can and a glass with ice cubes as all others. F88 is a pure energy drink, good but too sweet for me. It tastes how energy drinks taste – like some kind of gummy bear. But with ingredients that don’t taste like a cheap version of Red Bull. F23 is a green tea drink. O.k. but nothing special. Too much sugar for me as well. Just tasted very sweet and some kind of artificial. If not printed on it I wouldn’t realize that it has something to do with green tea. There are better green tea / wellness drinks existing e.g. the “all I need” one which is an Austrian product, too.

“Sugar for the fashionistas” is for sure the right resumee of this test. Besides the many calories all f-drinks include and which every model counts, the F18 is my favorite choice. I have a few cans at home and I am looking forward to enjoy with ice on a hot spring or summer day. They are even orderable in Germany via ( themselves or amazon online.

My advice or suggestion to optimize the f-drinks anyway would be to find a way to replace the cane sugar with products like e.g. stevia, just to think about the target group. These people mainly like to be slender, the most like it skinny and wanted to be close to size 0 or have it. Too much sugar is a no-go for them.

So guys have fun visiting “Love Fashion Café Vienna” and enjoy your drinks – maybe you love it or love it not. Happy to receive your feedback. Or maybe we meet each other once in there and have a chat. Looking forward!

See you soon coming back about fashion café with a party test. Stay tuned!

Best, Michelle





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