Impressions of the TU-Ball in Vienna

As announced due to my visit at the TU ball in Vienna end of January  I owe you an update and some pics to share my impressions.

“What to wear”. Princess style so give the “thing” a “bling”
I wore a dark blue gown with drapery (see below at fitting), pearl necklace and earrings and a huge Swarvoski crystal ring. To complete my look I chose my beloved Jimmy Choo heals in a dark grey velours leather covered all over with crystals. Finally on top I took my power bag clutch by Swarovski covered with black crystals.


“How to get there”
Obviously best way is by taxi if you don’t want to get frozen in the famous “Fiaker” horse buggy. If you ever will take a ride with a Viennese taxi you should be prepared of some kind of racing manner and abrupt stop and go. So hard to correct your lip stick. But finally arrived you only gather your dress not to let it drop on the wet and cold winter walkway and hurry to get to the warm foyer area inside.

“Entrance and walk in”
We arrived in front of the “Viennese Hofburg” a famous old and impressing building that give you a feeling of thrown back to the era of empress Sissi. The building, the interior and all the feastful dressed people and atmosphere is so special that it’s hard to describe. An incredibly conviviality that makes every girl feel like a little princess.


We dived into the scene and after check-in and saying hello. As we had the pleasure to walk in with the guard of honor we have the privilege to walk up to a little stage with a better view. And then after the opening speeches and thanks to sponsors and involved organizators the party began …

The Opening:

The_Opening_TU-Ball The_Opening_TU-Ball_1

It’s an absolute highlight and I only can recommend to be there once. See you in 2015!


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