Baselworld 2014 – impressions of a trip through pure luxury

Baselworld is always the place to visit for luxury watches lovers and even more for people who are familiar with gem stones, exclusive jewelry or just like them. And of course in case you are willing to buy some could be a good opportunity. On top of all Basel is a real beautiful city and close to the French boarder. Always worth to go to and try the tarte flambée in Alsace.

But back to Baselworld exhibition. There are a lot of different halls to see and not to get lost resp. find what you wanted to see the Baselworld app is a great tool to navigate through. It’s for free at App Store and really done well with a lot of tips, 3D-view of the exhibition halls. It provides a lot of information around the exhibition such as arrivals, accommodation, tourist service, parking etc.

When we arrived I was just impressed. Have you ever been at a diamond exchange? Well, I haven’t ever, but this must be how it feels like. Booth on booth with diverse cut diamonds in all colors, sapphires, rubies … just amazing what’s shown in the displays. Inside the booths the experts dealing with interested customers. Some kind of sizzling lied in the air. There are a lot of rare jewelry creations besides new designs that show the craftsmanship of the branch in a really amazing way.

In the big halls on the ground floor there are the watches booths from all luxury brands you ever heard of. The booth designs and visual merchandising of the single booths are superlatives and exceed themselves. The best I liked the ones of Hermés and Swarovski which are really extraordinary.

We stayed for about 5 hours. Feet were aching but it was worth every step. On top there is a hardcover brand book available for free. All you want to know about the brands is in there. But now enjoy some short impressions of the scene in my movie clip on




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