Do you breathe Fashion?

Do you want to slip into new shoes with a new task and live a dream sometimes? To me this happens when I dive into my my favorite hobby and blogging about fashion. For sure it’s a world of fairy tale, dreams, illusion and full of glamour and contrast. Behind the scenes it probably is the hardest branch you ever can chose. But what all those successful fashion people combine, they breathe it and live for it.

Briefly I found a very inspiring documentary about fashion editors on Facebook when clicking into a commerical for Vogue magazine. As a fashion enthusiast following many bloggers’ statements and watching what’s up in the fashion world I encountered a teaser article about Vogue editors. I was immediately riveted by their passion and commitment to what they do. It impresses me in such a way that I need to share this with you. A nice inside view about how it is to work as a fashion editor, being brave, different and straight forward. And finally move on for a job you love inexorably.

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