About me

You’d like to know more about me?

My Name is Michaela. But most of my friends call me Michelle. The story about: When I was a little girl was very nosy, active and cheeky with crazy ideas, short hair bit like a boy as I grew up with boys. They called me Michel from a famous children’s book Michel from Lönneberga from Astrid Lindgren. Over the years the name became more female. But I am still nosy, active and have crazy ideas. Ich love sports and fitness and as you will guess, when I am writing about, I love fashion/lifestyle. What I like most is communications, that is why my occupation is all I ever wanted to do for work.

I published about luxury communications in Facebook in 2013 in the anthology “Social Media in der Unternehmenskommunikation”, Springer Fachmedien, Article: “Luxusmarken in Facebook – Einsatzpotenziale für die Markenkommunikation”.

To get or stay in touch I am on Twitter (@virtualgoldfish) and for sure you will find me on Xing, LinkedIn and many other social media networks.

My own business webpage www.virtual-goldfish.com will give you an excerpt of fields of activity. I do not publish my projects so feel free to contact me, if interested in working with me.


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